Liberals Rebranded Long Gun Registry

With the media distracted under the guise of the Liberals’ plan to legalize marijuana, Prime Minister Trudeau quietly introduced a new long gun registry. The Liberals tabled new firearms legislation in conjunction with their pot Bill for one reason, to remove media scrutiny from this rebranded and oppressive gun registry.

In order to put this new registry in place, the Liberals want to ratify the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. This treaty will mandate all businesses who import or export firearms to record the information of the purchaser for a minimum of six years, with harsh penalties if they fail to do so. Not only does this treaty require businesses to keep record of firearms sales, but requires businesses to document the sale of all equipment such as parts, components, or scopes. This is without a doubt the revival of the condemned long gun registry, and its more invasive.

What Trudeau and the Liberals fail to understand, is that international criminals and arms traders don’t register their firearms. This backdoor registry will place the burden squarely on the shoulders of law abiding citizens. The Liberals should focus on targeting real criminals rather than firearms owners.

The Liberals first attempt at a long gun registry was a draconian policy that was ineffective, cost the taxpayer billions of dollars, and was never proven to prevent a single gun crime. This is why, as promised during the 2011 federal election, our previous Conservative government passed Bill C-19 which ended the wasteful registry. In addition, our former Conservative government did not ratify the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty because we knew the effect it would have on Canadian gun owners. With the ratification of this UN treaty by the Liberal government, it is clear that the Conservative Party of Canada is the only party that respects the rights of law abiding gun owners.

I fought against the long-gun registry for 17 years, first as a private citizen, and then as a Member of Parliament. I will continue to oppose any legislation of an unnecessary firearms registry, which is ill-informed and mistakenly directed at the most law abiding Canadians in the country, our licensed firearms owners.