Trudeau Found Guilty!

Justin Trudeau is the first Prime Minister in Canadian history to be found guilty of breaking a federal law while in office. Just before Christmas, the federal Ethics Commissioner, Mary Dawson, found Justin Trudeau guilty of breaking four federal ethics laws. These violations stem from the Prime Minister’s Christmas vacation on a lobbyist’s private island in 2016.

The rules Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke include: accepting gifts that could influence decision-making; not recusing himself from discussions that could further private interests; failing to arrange his private affairs to avoid this opportunity, and accepting travel on a non-commercial aircraft.

Prime Minister Trudeau only apologized for his illegal activities after he was found guilty. It is shameful that it took him a year to come clean with Canadians. And it took a guilty verdict by the Ethics Commissioner before Trudeau answered any questions about his lavish vacation. This apology does not change the fact that he showed a total disrespect for the law and to taxpayers. Justin Trudeau should pay back taxpayers for the more than $200,000 he billed the government for his illegal vacation.

The manner in which Justin Trudeau subsequently apologized following the report of the Ethics Commissioner shows his complete lack of regard for the rules that all Parliamentarians, including the Prime Minister, must follow. To accept a gift from a stakeholder that receives millions of dollars in taxpayer money is a direct conflict of interest by the Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau’s unwillingness to proactively disclose this conflict of interest proves that he believes that the rules should not apply to people like him.

Justin Trudeau’s vacation to the Aga Khan’s private island illustrates his poor judgment and the way he avoided being accountable for the past year demonstrates the level of his hubris. And how anyone around Trudeau could not see how accepting a gift such as was illegal, is unbelievable!

If 2017 has taught us one thing, it is that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are looking more and more like the corrupt Liberal governments of old. Between lavish illegal vacations on a private island, to Finance Minister Bill Morneau forgetting to declare all his assets in shell companies including a villa in France and keeping millions of dollars in personal corporate stock hidden in numbered companies, this Liberal government has failed at following the rules.

We should expect more from our elected officials, especially the Prime Minister. The goal of our government must always remain to serve the people of Canada and to make government better. Unfortunately, the Trudeau Liberals are only serving themselves.