Justin Trudeau continues to fail Canada’s Armed Forces

Ottawa, ON – James Bezan, Shadow Minister for National Defence, and the Hon. Rob Nicholson, Shadow Minister for Public Service and Procurement, today issued the following statement:

“Once again, Justin Trudeau’s government has tabled documents which prove that they are shortchanging our military by billions of dollars in capital spending. This time the Supplementary Estimates (A) show that the government’s real spending on new equipment for our troops is approximately $2.5 billion less than what they promised with their defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged. Last spring, official plans from the Department of National Defence showed similar shortfalls.

“This is completely unacceptable, but not surprising. In an era of record deficits the one government department that has had to tighten its belt under Liberal rule has been National Defence.

“After two years it’s become painfully obvious that the Liberal defence policy is not worth the paper it’s written on. This is a betrayal of our brave men and women in uniform, who are in desperate need of new ships, jets, and vehicles. Replacements for Canada’s CF-18 fighter jets and Halifax-class frigates are overdue. Now, more than ever, the Canadian Armed Forces require sustained, predictable funding, and a government that will keep its commitments.

““By failing to maintain Canada’s military capabilities, Justin Trudeau is not meeting the needs of our Canadian Armed Forces. Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives will ensure that those who serve our country day in and day out are equipped with the necessary resources.”