Conservatives call for extended and expanded Operation UNIFIER

Ottawa, ON – James Bezan, Shadow Minister for National Defence, today issued a statement in support of Ukraine’s appeal to Canada to extend and expand Operation UNIFIER:

“Conservatives continue to stand with Ukraine as they face mounting threats from Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin proxies. Ukraine is asking Canada to extend and expand our military mission, Operation UNIFIER, as a strong signal to Russia that Canada and our allies will continue to stand up for the sovereignty and freedom of Ukraine’s territory and citizens. Now is not the time for Canada to hesitate.

“Under the previous Conservative government, Canada was a world leader in its support for Ukraine. We started Operation UNIFIER, which deployed approximately 200 Canadian Armed Forces personnel to deliver training and build capacity for Ukrainian troops. In addition to providing military support, we contributed over $500 million in military, economic and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, and sanctioned over 270 individuals and entities.

“Canada’s extension and expansion of this mission will provide greater impact on the ground. Operation UNIFIER has already successfully trained more than 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers, which is imperative to counter the invasion by Russian forces and Kremlin militia.

“Canada strongly supported Ukraine when their territory was illegally invaded by Russian forces five years ago this week, and Conservatives believe that the duty to support and protect free and sovereign peoples should not diminish with time.

“An Andrew Scheer government would expand Canada’s military mission in Ukraine under Operation UNIFIER, supply lethal aid and increase sanctions against corrupt Russian officials under the Conservative Magnitsky legislation. The defence of Ukraine’s sovereignty should be a priority for Canada.”


For additional Information:
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Office of James Bezan, MP
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