Another Liberal scandal

Justin Trudeau is undermining our independent justice system, one political interference at a time. Canadians are now seeing the fallout from the miscarriage of justice against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, but just two months ago I wrote a very similar article about the Liberals’ treatment of Jody Wilson-Raybould.

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman served our country with distinction for almost four decades, yet it took the Liberals no time to drag his reputation through the mud. This abhorrent mistreatment demonstrated once again to Canadians that Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet will go out of their way to destroy anyone who disagrees with their political objectives. The Vice-Admiral was doing his job by looking out for the best interests of the Royal Canadian Navy, and because of it, a target got painted on his back.

There is growing evidence that Trudeau and his Liberal government politically interfered in the case against Vice-Admiral Norman, just like SNC-Lavalin. Prime Minister Trudeau boldly predicted on two occasions that the Vice-Admiral would be taken to court. Code words were used to evade access to information or subpoena requests for documents. And, as the prosecution made clear during their press conference, the documents that the Liberals were fighting to keep secret and were never turned over to the Norman defence team, was the very evidence that caused his charges to be dropped.

Vice-Admiral Norman has said he has “an important story to tell, that Canadians will want and need to hear”, yet Justin Trudeau had his Liberal MPs do his dirty work and blocked the Standing Committee on National Defence to call him as a witness. After Vice-Admiral Norman served our country honourably for over 30 years, the Liberals refuse to give him even 30 seconds to tell his side of the story at just one committee meeting.

A parliamentary committee is the only place that Vice-Admiral Norman would be able to speak without the Queen’s Regulations and Orders severely limiting his ability to say anything negative about the current government. These laws govern all serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

This is another Liberal cover-up and further proof that the Liberals think we have a two-tier justice system. One for the Liberals and their powerful friends, like SNC-Lavalin, and another for every day Canadians, like Vice-Admiral Mark Norman.

In a recent National Post article, Vice-Admiral Norman explained the toll that this ongoing affair caused him and his family. It was heartbreaking to read that while he and his wife Bev were watching Justin Trudeau predict that the RCMP investigation would result in court proceedings on two occasions. Mrs. Norman proclaimed, “How is this fair?” Vice-Admiral Norman recalled thinking, “I’m screwed.”

There are still serious questions that must be answered, and Canadians deserve to hear the whole story. That is why, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has called for an independent inquiry into the matter. Our entire Conservative team will continue to use every tool available to us to hold Justin Trudeau to account for his attempt to undermine the rule of law for his personal political interests.