Justin Trudeau fails to meet Canada’s international obligations

Ottawa, ON — James Bezan, Shadow Minister for National Defence, released the following statement on Justin Trudeau’s failure to properly equip the Canadian Armed Forces to meet Canada’s international obligations:

“Budget 2018 is nothing short of a failure for our brave men and women who serve in the Canadian Armed Forces. Canada has a long and proud military history. When possible, we have used the resources at our disposal to bring peace to war torn areas. At times of war, we have stood shoulder to shoulder with our international allies.

“While Canada’s allies continue to modernize their military capabilities, increase defence spending, and honour international military commitments, the Trudeau government has sent our allies a message that Canada is content to sit on the sidelines.

“Justin Trudeau’s first decision as Prime Minister was to withdraw Canada’s CF-18’s from the international fight against ISIS. Three years after promising Canada’s return to United Nations Peacekeeping, the Liberals have allowed Canada’s contribution to drop to an all-time low. This is not what our allies expected when the Liberals claimed ‘Canada is back’.

“The Royal Canadian Navy is in need of new warships and the Royal Canadian Air Force requires a new fleet of fighter jets to meet Canada’s international obligations. There is no plan in this budget to implement the procurement timelines laid out in the new defence policy, Strong, Secured, Engaged. Justin Trudeau’s continuous delays on military procurements, demonstrates to our allies that he is not interested fulfilling Canada’s international obligations.

“By failing to maintain Canada’s military capabilities, Justin Trudeau is disappointing Canada’s allies. Conservatives will ensure that our Armed Forces have the necessary resources to meet the needs of the Canadian Armed Forces.”