Conservatives Call on Liberals to Support EU Plan for Ukraine

James Bezan, Shadow Minister for National Defence and the Honourable Erin O’Toole, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, issued the following statement calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to join our allies in providing Ukraine with support to strengthen ties with Western Allies and to defend itself against Russian aggression.
“The Conservative Party of Canada believes in principle-based foreign policy and in keeping with our greatest tradition of offering a hand to those seeking peace, freedom and security. We call on the Trudeau government to support the long-term support package for Ukraine proposed by Lithuania, in partnership with the European Union.

“The proposed package will strengthen Ukraine’s ties to its allies in the West and provide much needed investment for both economic development and political reform. Canada must work in concert with the European Union and NATO to support Ukraine and hold the Russian government accountable for their illegal activities in Ukraine.

“Since 2014, Ukraine has been battling against the invasion and illegal occupation of its territory by Russian forces. Under the direction of Vladimir Putin, Russia has infringed upon Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty and violated international law.

“Our partners in Europe have proposed a Ukrainian investment plan that will help rebuild soviet-era infrastructure while confronting corruption within Ukraine’s bureaucracy. We urge Prime Minister Trudeau to show real leadership on the world stage by agreeing to work with our allies to support this critical investment in Ukraine.

“Despite Ukraine’s request for a peacekeeping operation, additional sanctions, and increased military support, Canadian support for one of our closest allies continues to decline under the Trudeau government.

“Canada has long been a steadfast ally and supporter of Ukraine. The Trudeau government must take swift action to provide Ukraine with the necessary diplomatic, economic, and military support to protect its sovereignty from ongoing Russian aggression.”