Following the seventh day of public protests in cities across Iran, James Bezan, Canadian Member of Parliament and Official Opposition Shadow Minister for National Defence, issued the following statement:
“I am inspired by the activism of Iranian citizens as they stand against one of the world’s most oppressive regimes – the Islamic Republic of Iran. The protests that have erupted in cities across Iran despite the brutal oppression by the Khamanei regime, demonstrate that there is a grassroots movement and desire for freedom and liberty by the Iranian people. Canada’s Conservatives support the people of Iran in their pursuit for basic human rights and fight against corruption.
“Unfortunately at this time, the Liberal government is normalizing relations with Iran’s dictatorship. My message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is we must stand with the people of Iran as they strive to protect their human rights and liberty. I call on Iranian President Rouhani to respect the right of his people to protest and to quit using force against them. The world is watching and Rouhani must stop arresting these activists and executing them as political prisoners.
“Thanks to recently adopted Conservative legislation, the Liberal government now has the tools provided by the Magnitsky Law to hold Iranian officials accountable for violations of human rights and basic freedoms. We urge Prime Minister Trudeau and Foreign Minister Freeland to use the Magnitsky Law to sanction all those responsible for corruption and offending the human rights of Iranian citizens.
“We extend our condolences to all those that have been injured and lost loved ones by the violence in Iran. In every corner of the world, Canada must be a strong voice for freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.
“Justin Trudeau should quit appeasing the theocracy in Tehran, abandon his effort to restore diplomatic ties with the Iranian regime and join us in standing with the people of Iran who are fighting for human rights, freedom, and democracy.”