Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives call for arms to be sent to Ukraine

Ottawa, ON – James Bezan, Shadow Minister for National Defence and the Honourable Erin O’Toole, Shadow Minister for Foreign affairs, today announced that a future Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer would provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with lethal defensive weapons originally allocated to the Kurdish Peshmerga, while also appointing a special envoy to the Kurdistan Regional Government.

“More than a year has passed since Justin Trudeau promised to supply the Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq with Canadian weapons. As a result of the Prime Minister’s failure to show leadership on the world stage, nearly ten million dollars in arms have been sitting in warehouses in Canada and Jordan.

“Meanwhile, Ukraine has made several requests for additional military support from Canada. Rather than allow valuable military equipment to sit in a warehouse, a Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer will supply these arms to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, ensuring that Ukraine is equipped to defend its borders, citizens and sovereignty against Russian aggression.

“Last year, the Kurdistan Regional Government made a request for the appointment of a special envoy. This appointment is imperative to ensuring the tense geopolitical situation in Northern Iraq does not deescalate into further violence. A Conservative government will fulfill this request and appoint a special envoy to the Kurdistan Regional Government.

“By taking decisive action in support of our allies, Canada’s Conservatives will re-establish our country as a voice for freedom, democracy and peace on the world stage.”