Dr. Alan Lagimodiere Selkirk MLA for Selkirk yesterday announced that the Manitoba Government is investing in ACTIVE LIVING INFRASTRUCTURE for Selkirk residents!
MLA Lagimodiere was joined by Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman MP James Bezan and Selkirk Mayor Larry Johannson for the announcement at the west end of Manitoba Avenue.

“Our progressive conservative government is very pleased to contribute, along with our Federal and Municipal partners, towards infrastructure that encourages citizens to be more active. Being more active leads to better health! Better health leads to better quality of life!”

“Anything we as a government can do to help Manitobans lead healthier lives is an option worth investing in! This Active Transportation Pathway helps to connect the western section of Manitoba Avenue with residents who want to walk or ride bicycles to this area.” said MLA Lagimodiere.

Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman MP James Bezan had this to say. “I would like to thank MLA Dr. Lagimodiere and the Pallister government for helping the City of Selkirk move forward with their downtown Selkirk Renewal Strategy 2016-2021. The Small Communities Fund will provide a combined $316,666 from the federal and provincial governments and ensure that the Manitoba Avenue pathway is restored, and is safe and accessible for everyone to enjoy.”