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Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper is dedicated to building a stronger, prouder, more prosperous Canada by delivering real results for everyday Canadian families.  He has spent his entire political career standing up and speaking out for Canadians who work hard, pay their taxes and play by the rules.

As Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has delivered real action on the priorities of all Canadian families including:

  • Passing the tough new political fundraising rules that take the big money, corporations and unions out of political party financing.
  • Reducing the GST from 7% to 6% and now, to 5%.
  • Providing $1,200 per year, per child under six, that parents can spend on their own child care priorities.
  • Giving Canadians tax credits for money spent on transit passes, textbooks and kids’ sports.
  • Strengthening Canada’s product safety laws, including the first ever federal mandatory recall law, and new rules for what can be called a “product of Canada”.
  • Passing tough new laws that will keep gun criminals and sexual predators behind bars.
  • Taking real action on the environment with Canada’s first ever mandatory greenhouse gas emission regulations.
  • Investing in new patrol ships, satellite surveillance, and arctic rangers to protect our sovereignty over Canada’s North.

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Canada contributes to strengthening the justice system and rule of law in Ukraine
Canada supports a project aimed at protecting
the human rights of Ukrainian citizens in the courts

July 23, 2014 - Toronto, Ontario – Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

Today, following a roundtable with the Ukrainian community of Etobicoke in Toronto, James Bezan, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence and Member of Parliament for Selkirk-Interlake, and Ted Opitz, Member of Parliament for Etobicoke Centre, on behalf of Christian Paradis, Minister of International Development and La Francophonie, announced a contribution of $3.2 million to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

OSCE’s Human Rights Training for Judges project will increase the protection of human rights of Ukrainian citizens in the courts by training Ukrainian legal professionals on the norms of the European Court of Human Rights.

This training program is implemented in partnership with the Ukrainian National School of Judges and the Commercial, Administrative and First Instance Courts.

Canada stands in solidarity with Ukraine’s efforts to improve the integrity of democratic institutions and practices, and focuses on a reform of public institutions, including the justice system.

Canada has been steadfast in its support for the new Ukrainian government and in its opposition to Russian aggression and occupation in Ukraine. Canada’s support comes at a time when Ukrainian citizens are fighting to restore political and economic stability in their country,” said PS Bezan. “By contributing to ensure the respect of human rights in the judiciary system, Canada is helping strengthen Ukrainian institutions and consolidate Ukraine’s place among European democratic countries. We are also creating conditions where Ukrainians can contribute to, and benefit from, social and economic progress.”

Canada remains united with its allies in recognizing the Government of Ukraine, and in supporting Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. Canada continues to view the situation in Ukraine with the gravest concern. Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a clear violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“Canada’s work with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe contributes to improve security and political stability in Ukraine,” said MP Opitz. “Canada is among the strongest international supporters of Ukraine during this important period of transition, and has been a consistently strong voice for the protection of human rights and the advancement of democratic values in the world.”

“Canada is a world leader in helping to promote democracy and good governance in Ukraine,” said Minister Paradis. “Canada will continue to work with our allies to support efforts to reach a peaceful resolution to the conflict and restore the country to stability and unity, so that the people of Ukraine can thrive and prosper free of intimidation and threat.”



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